My mule went left,

And I went right,

On a mountain trail

Of great height,


I grabbed for the reins,

But none was there,

All I could grab

Was handfuls of air,


I fell and fell

From that great height,

At first, I simply screamed

With all my might,


But I stopped screaming

After a while,

Then, suddenly,

I began to smile!


“No more taxes!”

“And no more debt!”

But then, once again, I became

Filled with regret,


“No more fishing,

And no more sweethearts,”

“And I bet the ground

Will break me apart!”



And so, yes, that is when,

I began to scream again!

The moral: when your mule goes left,

Don’t go right, and you’d better hold on tight!  😊

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