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When I look back
Upon my life,

There is no lack
Of joy or strife.

I have known love
And even hate,

Dear God above
Has filled my plate!

Blessings untold,
And nature’s beauty,

Learning to be bold
And do my duty.

Life’s rules yield
To no one’s plan,

But God instilled
True love in man.

So, live your life
Before it sets,

With love, not strife
And no regrets!


He’s just a country boy, in school wishin’

When school is out, he’s gonna go fishin’!

He’s gonna grab some worms and a stout pole
And head down to the fishin’ hole!

If the fish are bitin,’ man, oh man!
He’s gonna throw ’em in a fryin’ pan!

And with some hush puppies and cheesy grits,
That’s eatin’ that’s as good as it gits!

And if the fish ain’t bitin,’ that ain’t sad,
He’s gonna git the best nap he ever had!

You can come, too, if you wish!
But you gotta handle your worms and fish!

Ain’t nothin’ more excitin’ than when a cork pulls down!
It’ll cure whatever ails ya, and remove any frown!

So, if finding me becomes your goal,
I’ll be down at the fishin’ hole!


fishing hole