Oh yes, I must confess,

My life was filled with stress,

As I fussed and cussed around every day,


One day, I drove my truck

In a ditch filled with muck,

I fussed and cussed, and called Triple A,


In that ditch, I saw there,

A tiny frog with blue hair,

I could tell he had something to say,


“Kind sir, please don’t fret,

It’s a lovely day, and yet,

I can tell you are stressing away!”


“You should stop and smell the roses,

And get some mud in your toes-es,

Then, everything will be okay!”


But then, the frog with blue hair

Was no longer sitting there,

I pondered why my life was this way,


Now, like the frog, I smell the roses,

And get some mud in my toes-es

I hope you’ll all do the same every day!