His name was Charlie “No Chuckles” Cheeves,

This guy wore his heart on his sleeves,

Everything, yes, everything made him cry,

From little kittens to puppies or a crane flying by.


Sappy movies, happy movies all made him weep,

His popcorn was wet three centimeters deep!

Funny jokes, laughing clowns, make him sob and holler,

Do you understand me now, can you follow?


Yes, “No Chuckles” cried at both weddings and wakes,

And even when his sports teams won, for Heaven’s sake!

He once went to a psychologist to hear his howl,

But the doctor started crying and threw in the towel!


Then, one day, “No Chuckles” went to the zoo,

He saw a chimp playing a tiny kazoo,

The chimp also wore a bright blue suit,

And a polka dot bow tie and just one red boot!


“No Chuckles” stopped crying, and started to “haha!”

As the chimp started playing “On the Edge,” by GaGa!

Ever since, everything makes him laugh, like he’s high!

From little kittens to puppies or a crane flying by!