friends 14


You’re my best friend,

I really shouldn’t meddle,

But concerning your boyfriend,

You really shouldn’t “settle!”


Although looks don’t matter,

As a general rule,

Your guy looks like the south end

Of a north bound mule,


And while character is relative,

I think you shouldn’t wish

For a guy whose backbone

Is like a spineless jellyfish,


And if, on any street,

He ever met a book,

They’d likely give each other

A really strange look,


Because his brain, just like a caveman,

It’s plain to see,

Is the size, I’ll compromise,

Of a teeny English pea,


So, my friend, I know,

I really shouldn’t meddle,

But I say this so, you’ll go,

And stomp the gas pedal!   😊





Way down South

In the Okefenokee,

There sat a sad frog

Who felt a bit pokey,


The frog had many

Sad memories to nurse,

As he pondered his fate

In the universe,


He had lost all his friends

Which was really bad,

But he’d also just lost

His mom and dad,


So, he sat there

In a cool, dense fog,

A lonely, little frog

Sitting on a log,


Then, much to his surprise,

Before you can say “giblet,”

There sat, before his eyes,

A girl frog, who went “ribbit!”


Now, the little frog

No longer felt pokey,

Had he found a new friend?

Okey, dokey!   😊




Some are friends, for now,

But then, later,

They drop you just like

You’re a hot potato,


They don’t care about you,

Your problems or disease,

They live in ivory towers,

Self-absorbed, if you please,


Some have shallow souls

And hardened, hollow hearts,

And evil or indifference

Permeate all their parts,


So, when you find a true friend,

Treasure them, above gold,

Only they will stick by you,

Until you’re gray and old!