chimp monkey


I found a small, unique club

Down near the French Quarter,

I wanted a drink and grub,

But I drank more than I oughter,


I had five whiskeys and a slow gin fizz,

Boy, let me tell ya, I really had to whiz,

What did I see, standing next to me?

A large, well dressed, gray-haired chimpanzee,


He mumbled, as he said, “I’ve got a late set,”

I felt down to see if my pants were wet!

Later, the large monkey took the small stage,

His coat was bright red, his cap was beige,


He carried a guitar and sat on a stool,

He played with abandon, it was so cool!

First, he played, “Oh Danny Boy,”

I cried, but I was filled with joy,


But then, the chimp really got down!

He played “Proud Mary,” and danced around!

If you doubt me, then you really oughter,

Come with me, Saturday, down to the French Quarter!  😊