[Image from wikipedia]

Has anyone seen my flibberty-widget?
If you should find it, here’s what to do with it!

First, let me tell you how it looks,
Because there are no pictures in any books!

Flibberty is a hairy mammal, and quite fit!
He looks a lot like the Addams Family’s Cousin Itt!

He hails from the jungle near Lake Titicaca!
And he often sings “On the Edge,” just like Lady Gaga!

Please don’t mock the large wart on his nose!
Or stare at the green jam between his toes!

Because Flibberty has a temper and you’ll be bit!
Before you can scream “lickety split!”

And here’s a secret, please hear me right!
Never feed him oreos after midnight!

Because then, he turns wild, in a sugary fit!
And you had better run! Don’t dally or sit!

But otherwise, he’s charming and rather splendid!
So, if you find him, just crate him and send it! 🙂