clown creepy grinning facepaint
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I was stuck in a clown car
While riding on a train,

Forty-two kilometers
From Barcelona, Spain.

How I got there,
I don’t know!

But what I saw
Was quite a show!

Clowns were running,
Jumping, everywhere!

At first, all I could do
Was stare and stare!

Big red noses
And floppy, clomping feet,

Climbing all over
Every seat!

The clowns were devilish
And playing pranks!

They’d pull each other’s noses
And then oddly say, “thanks!”

Finally, one small clown asked,
“Why are you here?”

I said, “I don’t know,”
“I did not mean to appear!”

Then, the clown said,
With a mischievous grin,

“You must agree to be pranked
Before you go where you’ve been!”

My heart sank!
Pranked, what prank?

What does this mean,
I thinked and thanked!

He gave me two choices:
To be “befuzzled” or “kersplat!”

I didn’t really know what to
Think about that!

But quicker than a sneeze,
I chose “kersplat!”

And before I could move,
Pies hit where I was at!

Pies hit my face,
My eyes and nose,

Lots of pies, every place,
Including my toes!

But I then really learned
Where this prank was at,

When the clowns tossed me
Off the train, “kersplat!”

So, I sat in a ditch

Watching a train,

Now, forty-one kilometers

From Barcelona, Spain.