Christmas tree 14


I don’t want to go home for Christmas,

There is no peace at home,

I’d rather visit Panama’s Isthmus,

Or drive dog sleds up at Nome,


It’s not I don’t love my family,

All my uncles, aunts, and their brats,

But I just want some peace this year,

That is where I’m at,


But I love my nephews and niece,

And enjoyed their laughter in the past,

Maybe I shouldn’t choose peace,

They’re growing up so fast,


And my aunt’s fruitcake “brick,”

Oh, I love her so,

But what’s her recipe trick,

It’s a big “ho ho NO!”


And then, there’s my dear grandma,

Such bad health in the past,

Who knows, now, if I don’t go,

This could be her last,


So, yes, I’ve changed my mind,

You will find me this year at home,

I choose love over peace,

Maybe, next year, I’ll choose Nome!   😊


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