Thank you!

Happy Friday!

Today is the anniversary date of my first year on WordPress!  I have posted about 240 poems in just one year!  I just wanted to say thank you to this website and to my “faithful few” followers!  I started this blog simply as a place to “park” my poetry.  Previously, I would compose poems and then I quickly forgot most of them.  Please also know that I have thoroughly enjoyed following and reading incredible posts on each of your sites!  YOU are some amazing writers!

Please also allow me to re-post my first poem on this site.  Thanks again to all of you!


Southern Writer


The Old Oak Tree

Come swing with me,
At the old oak tree!

It’s limbs are strong!
Come swing, you’ll see!

We’ll swing and swing,
And swing, so high!

You’ll feel your feet
Have touched the sky!

We’ll have a picnic,
And take a nap.

You’ll lay your head,
Upon my lap!

We’ll swing together,
Face to face!

Just you and me,
In warm embrace!

So, come swing with me
At the old oak tree!

We’ll have such fun!
Come swing, you’ll see! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Thank you!”

  1. Happy anniversary! Thanks for lightening things up and bringing a smile! You should also consider writing a children’s book!


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