I was driving down a back road

Doing ninety-five,

Boy, I was lucky to make it alive,

It was dusk when I flew fast over a hill,

I was rushing to see my lady,

The Sweet Lucille,


I can still feel the shock

There, before my pickup truck,

Waddling down the road

Was a nonchalant duck,


In a moment, I wondered,

Should I hit my furry friend,

Or should I veer right,

But would that be my end?


I veered left, instead,

As the duck flew right,

And, oh Lordy, Lordy,

What a frightening sight!


My truck went airborne,

O’er a barbed wire fence,

That’s when things got crazy,

Really crazy intense!


I woke up the next morning,

In my truck, near some woods,

And there sat the duck

On top of my hood,


The duck glared at me

And scolded, as he said,

“Next time, slow down,

Or we both could be dead!”


The duck then flew away,

I went on to see the Sweet Lucille,

But I drove just thirty-five

O’er the next hill!   😊

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