heart balloons


I’m in love! I’m in love!

Love is all I can think of,


A little love, your heart will sing,

But too much love is a dangerous thing,


Too much love means agitation,

Aggravation and heart palpitation,


You’ll lose your job, if too distracted,

And your life’s cut short, if too impacted,


I know my love went much too far,

Cuz a train squished me in my car!   😊

12 thoughts on “SQUISHY LOVE!”

  1. HA! your silliness made me think of a line from a song i really like
    “And if a double-decker bus
    Crashes into us
    To die by your side
    Is such a heavenly way to die
    And if a ten-ton truck
    Kills the both of us
    To die by your side
    Well, the pleasure – the privilege is mine”
    Thanks for the smile and the memory 🙂


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