Does no lover love you?

Is there nothing more to say?

Are you down in the dumps

On Valentine’s Day?


Then, here’s what to do!

You don’t need a Valentine!

Throw yourself a “pleasure party”

And you’ll be just fine!


Do you like chocolate?

Buy yourself a box!

Then, take a bubble bath

While you chocolate de-tox!


Read a good book,

Make sure you’re well fed,

You can even eat more chocolate

While reading in the bed!


The most important point…

You are special!  You’ll be fine!

Just have a pleasure party

And be your own Valentine!  😊

19 thoughts on “BE YOUR OWN VALENTINE!”

  1. I’m snuggling with my precious doggie as I read your cute post. Even though he’s not likely to surprise me with a box of chocolates, he is a wonderful Valentine’s date while everyone else is either off to work or school this morning 😁


  2. I agree 💯% We should always love ourself first before we can truly be happy ❤️ and then share that happiness! Just like your words! They make me happy! Happy Valentine’s Day to you🍷🍫cheers!


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