piggy bank


Credit card companies, not money,

Are the root of all evil,

First, they lure you with honey,

But then, you’re like Evel Kneivel,


They know you’ll jump hard,

But they know you’ll crash,

So, let’s work hard, cut up each card,

And always just use cash!


14 thoughts on “THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!”

  1. “The borrower is slave to the lender”. Never were truer words spoken when it’s at a 22% interest rate, LOL. Great advice and poem.

    We’ve been on the Dave Ramsey plan for over a year and are debt free other than my old student loans and the house. If any readers think it can’t be done or you NEED credit cards and a score for various things, he does a great job of shattering the myths.

    Capital One: What’s in your wallet?
    Me: CASH!

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  2. I went the opposite and now have a credit card which gives cash back. How’s that for logic? The secret is to always pay off the bill. No interest accrued. Discernment and discretion work well. Plus, you can’t make travel arrangements with cash these days. Cash is king, but credit cards do have their purpose, and can work for you if done right.


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