people talking

[Disclaimer:  The above happy image of some nice people talking does not intend to suggest, imply, or misrepresent that anyone is lollygagging or jollywagging!]


You may find it absurd,

But I’ve created a new word!

The word is “jollywag,”

Admittedly, similar to lollygag,


But jollywag means wasting time, while talking,

(Instead of being productive, reading, or walking),

So, that’s the key difference from lollygag,

Lollygag means idle, with or without the tongue-wag,


And jollywag sounds nicer, too,

Being “jolly” sounds happy and a lot less “schmucker,”

Than lollygag which sounds like

You choked on a sucker!


So, please “spread the word,”

Pun intended!

But don’t jollywag or lollygag,

Which can’t be defended!   🙂

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