Which veggie is the world’s worst?

In my opinion, I pick first…

The brussel sprout!

I say let’s throw ‘em all out!


To me, only chef savages

Could eat these small, vile cabbages!

But on the other hand…

Brussel sprouts need not taste bland,


With garlic and butter,

And steamed by your “mutter!”

Plus, they have minerals, fiber, and vitamin C,

So, maybe this isn’t a good pick for me,


Plus, Old Granny lived so long,

So, picking these may be wrong,

But another veggie which makes me cuss…

Is vile, green asparagus!   🙂

23 thoughts on “THE WORLD’S WORST VEGGIE!”

  1. Brussels sprouts taste a bit bitter in the first place but can be good with some cooking tricks. And healthy they certainly are. Enjoyed this humorous little poem very much 😊


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