Santa list

[Disclaimer:  For any children reading this poem, please note that it is ALWAYS better to be nice!  And if Santa is reading this, I hope he has a good sense of humor!]


Santa is coming!

Were you naughty or nice?

Please listen to me

And take my advice,


Sometimes, being naughty

Is more fun, than some

Of Santa’s gifts,

Which are ho, ho hum!


So, listen to me,

Make giggles, my advice!

Sometimes, it’s better

To be naughty, not nice!   🙂



17 thoughts on “NAUGHTY OR NICE?!”

  1. Thank you, Laura! And as a Southern gent, I wouldn’t have asked
    about which list you are on! But there can be no doubt about it! I am so happy to know that there are so many nice people who are also bloggers, like you and many others, “out there!”


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