[This poem is about chitlins! Although chitterlings may be the proper term for pig intestines, here, in the South, they are commonly called chitlins.  Some misguided souls actually eat them.  As for me, I don’t eat them and I believe they (the chitlins, not the eaters), should all be sent to the infernal region!]


It just ain’t fittin’

To eat a chitlin!


Your stomach wasn’t meant to invest in

Chitlins, which are just nasty pig intestines!


Chitlins are vile, you may soon get a diagnosis,

That you have contracted wormy trichinosis,


Besides, there are other pork parts of a pig to eat,

You can eat pig leg, or butt, or even pig feet,


Who doesn’t enjoy pork chops or ham, or, if you’re makin’

Breakfast, you can enjoy sizzlin’ bacon!


So, here’s a word to the wise, a really big scoop:

Never ever eat anything which carries pig poop!


Or better yet, not to be a contrarian,

Pigs would prefer we become vegetarians!   🙂

9 thoughts on “CHITLINS!”

  1. I’d never eat those! I’ve smelled them cooking, though…horrible. These people we knew were cooking them for New Years, which they did every year…a good luck food? Not for the pig…yuck!


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