muscle man


“Tom Terrific” Timmons

Thought he was God’s gift to women,

He strutted down the college hall

And cocky Tom felt that all


The girls were watching him,

Cuz he was muscular and trim,

He also bullied other guys

And belittled their puny size,


You see, he was terrific Tom,

The ruler, the bomb!

But then, one day,

I’m happy to say…


As Tom strutted down the hall,

He slipped and took a mighty fall!

Everyone laughed, except Tom, who cried,

And no one helped him, or ran to his side,


And Tom’s reputation wasn’t enhanced,

As he both split and wet his big boy pants!

There are lessons to be learned from Tom’s disgrace,

We should learn to be humble and know our place,


Also, don’t be a bully and never strut

Cuz one day, you, too, may fall on your butt,

Then, you’ll never get a date for the dance,

Cuz you split and wet your big boy pants!   🙂


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