(I had composed and planned to share with you today a silly poem about chitlins, but, on the way to work, I composed the following sweet, little poem. I hope you like it! We can laugh about chitlins later!)  🙂


Won’t you be mine

From nine til eleven?

Two hours with you

Would be like Heaven!

For the rest of the night

You would be free!

Unless you choose to wake me

At a quarter til three!  😊

15 thoughts on “WON’T YOU BE MINE”

  1. I used to write these kind of short poems
    You amused me with yours and I tried to write one now as a game in response to yours.

    Please let me know what you think about it..

    Here it is..LOL

    If just two hours
    would be all that you need,
    Then write me a poem
    and give me the script,
    And wake me (up) in Heaven
    with a sweet lullaby,
    And whisper me slowly
    your perfect goodbye…!! 🙂



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