[Please note that the following poem is mostly fictional and meant only for fun

and is not meant to disparage anyone in particular, nor mothers in law

generally, many of whom are quite sweet and human!]  😊



Let me tell you a frightening tale

About the meanest hag I ever saw,

This creature’s surely bound for Hell,

She’s my mean mother in law!


She has sharp claws in her paws,

And her churlish lips drip with lies,

She would frighten Santa Claus

With her evil, beady eyes!


Her horns are well hidden

In her drab, stringy hair,

She’s a cold-hearted demon

If there’s even a heart there!


She loves to stir the pot

She loves to fight and fuss,

She could make a flower wilt

And make a preacher cuss!


If you think I’m being harsh,

You couldn’t be any wronger,

She made a pact with brother Satan

Just to stay here a little longer!


So, please heed my tale,

Beware this evil creature!

Run for the hills!

Before she catches ya and eats yer!   😊


18 thoughts on “MY MEAN MOTHER IN LAW!”

  1. Lol.
    True story: my father always credited his mother-in-law for encouraging my mom to date him. They were very happily married and truly a perfect match. My Grandmother was the most wonderful and beautiful person and my father appreciated her so much, he had a framed photo of her in his office.


    1. Laura, that is a wonderful story! There are indeed many precious mothers in law! I felt a little bit bad about posting this poem and added the “disclaimer” at the beginning to ease my guilt! Hopefully, everyone else also realizes it was just for fun! Have a great day in your beautiful mountains!!

      Liked by 1 person

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