old man



Ole’ Pappy lost his snappy,

He was as tired as a dog,

He took a long, long nappy,

And slept like a log,


Then, he saw a lovely lady,

She gave him a sweet smile!

Then, Ole’ Pappy thought maybe

He could run for miles and miles!


Yes, Pappy regained his snappy,

And got pep back in his step,

He felt as handsome and happy

As a youthful Johnny Depp!


The lesson, albeit sappy:

Please think a little while,

One day, you may be like Pappy,

And simply need a sweet smile!  😊

8 thoughts on “OLE’ PAPPY AND HIS SNAPPY”

  1. I always enjoy the playful tone of your poems and the beautiful rhymes you craft. This is one of the poems I would enjoy at an open mic. Do you ever do poetry readings?


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