I looked down at my pea soup,

And I promise, it’s no joke,

I saw a housefly swimming

A great backstroke!


If my bowl was the Olympics,

This fly would be a winner!

Instead of an unwelcome guest

Swimming in my dinner!


But as the sole judge,

I grabbed card and pen,

And scored his backstroke

A perfect ten!


The fly looked up

And gave me a wink!

Then, before you say “backstroke,”

He dove into the drink!


Before I could grab a spoon,

Or do anything more,

The fly flew straight up

And out the door!


Looking back, I wonder,

What is the greatest mystery?

It’s not why he was in my soup,

But how a fly learned the best backstroke

In Olympic history!   😊


12 thoughts on “THE FLY IN MY SOUP!”

  1. Nicely penned, full of humor. It made me smile. Also, I like the beautiful rhyming of second and fourth verses that make the poem more musical. It is the kind of poem I would like to listen to at an open mic. And thank you again for taking your time to check out my blog and comment on the last post!


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